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Sincerity Is Cornerstone Of Actor’ s Work – Bobby Deol

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Asian Academy of Film & Television played host to Bollybood actor and the younger son of film star Dharmendra.The suave and shy actor was greatly impressed by the brisk film and television production activity in the Noida Film City.He evinced keen interest in the work being done by Prof. Sandeep Marwah in the field of media education and enquired about the training infrastructure available at the academy. Later talking informally to the students, Bobby Deol said that sincerity, truthfulness and naturalism play important role in the film actor’ s work.He pointed out that the very nature of his work places the actor under a physical and psychic scrutiny that is very rare in ordinary life and , therefore, acting is indeed both challenging and demanding.Bobby Deol promised all possible support to the people trained by this academy.

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