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Noida: “Work is Worship- any job for the welfare of society if is done whole heartily is as good as meditation. It will give you new energy to work hard and for sure uplift your moral and pride. Spirituality is above all religions. Spirituality starts with humanity,” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios at a spiritual function organized by Pankaj K Singh senior officer of Indian revenue service at Noida.
“I am now jumping to serve the nation and first the people of my constituency at Noida. I feel that satisfying the needs of my people in Noida is as good as worshiping God. We need these kind of events and programs to remind people our culture and traditions,” said Pankaj Singh member of legislative assembly from Noida.
Pankaj Singh and Sandeep Marwah also released the spiritual books and magazine during function. Dr. V.K.Goswami Vice President International Film And Television Research Centre was also present there.

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