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Addressing the students of the twenty-sixth session of Asian Academy of Film & Television, well known intellectual and former Director General Doordarshan Madhukar Lele said that mass media is known to shape thought, change attitudes and move people to action and its potentials to facilitate development or damaging the society is enormous. Conceding that the technological advances have made the television production equipment versatile and user friendly, he said their creative use is indeed challenging. He was of the opinion that the value-system in the Indian society have changed for the worse in the last decade due to the evil influence of television. He forcefully stated that television must be used for the public good. Feeling nostalgic about the positive role of mass media he mentioned that it is All India Radio which gave the classical music its place of pride. Pointing out that knowledge is limitless, he asked the students to continuously strive for acquiring skills in their chosen field of creative work. Answering the questions from the students Prof. Sandeep Marwah explained the role of media in man’s life. Commending the work being done in the field of media education and training by Prof. Sandeep Marwah, the renowned journalist Madhavkante Mishra told the students that education and training helps in leading one from darkness to light and that practical experience in the field makes one perfect. Speaking with emotion, Madhavkante Mishra lamented that commercialisation of mass media has led to unfair competition as well as degeneration of the moral standards in the society. He asked the students to try and bring glory to their alma mater by their professional work.

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