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US NRI’s CD released at Marwah Studios

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Traditions I, an audio album dedicated to devotional songs by Madhu Mathur Anand, a US NRI was released by Prof. Sandeep Marwah, founder director of the Marwah Films and Video Productions in film city in Noida, recently.The world -wide release marked the completion of third musical venture in the journey of this versatile singer, who has earlier released Roshan, Roshan, a compilation of geets and ghazals and some romantic ballads in 1990 and Waves of Liberty, with emphasis on global unity within diversity in 2001, both in US. In 1992, she had also recorded an English pop single titled “Jump Start America” to help promote the national campaign of the same name. Asian Academy of Film and Television and Asian School of Media Studies, which are affiliated with the Marwah Films and Video Productions in Noida also hosted a special evening of live performance by Madhu, as a prelude to the launch ceremony. Earlier, the world renowned bhajan and ghazal legend, Anup Jalota, with whom she has extensively performed on stage in various concerts in North America, specially flew in to record his introduction for her album as a gesture of his appreciation for her over two decades of musical bonding with the wizard of bhajans.

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