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Wales Is The Focus Country in 4th Global Film Festival

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It has never happened before in India, an international film festival dedicating one section of the festival to a great culture of Wales. Marwah Studios has done it. In the 4th edition of its Global Film Festival Noida 2011, there will be five films from this British constituent. It is a tribute to the distinct and unique age old civilizations of Europe.
The films are Brides of the war by Peter Edwards, Heddwyn by Paul Turner, Eldva by Timlyn, Little White Lies by Caradog James and Gaenor by Paul Morrison. These films will expose the Indian audience to something never seen before.
“The purpose of the festival is to bring different cultures on the same platform to create a fusion of faiths and beliefs. This will prove the underlying message that cinema is the ultimate religion of the world unifying all faiths” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios and GFFN 2011.

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