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We need Mahatma Gandhi Back-Sandeep Marwah

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“We need Mahatma Gandhi back into our society for better thinking and politeness in the community” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios and a true Gandhian who has given his 35 years in spreading Gandhism through films, television, Education and media.
“It is right time to start once again the Gandhi Forum with media people so that our voice can be heard in a bigger and better ways” added Sandeep Marwah who is nominated Chairperson of Gandhi Forum by 8000 media persons in the country.
“What we need is love and affection for each other in the country. A lots of patience, and patriotic feeling for our mother land” Marwah added while announcing the International Centre of Gandhi Forum today at Noida Film City.
Nearly 1000 persons from different fields of Media supported Sandeep Marwah in the cause. A scholarship on the study and Research of Mahatma Gandhi has been declared by this Gandhi-Marwah association. The Gandhi Forum is also assisted by International Film And Television Club, International Film And Television Research Centre, International Children’s Film Forum, International Public Broadcasting Forum, Radio Noida, Asian Education Group, and many more

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