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New Delhi: “The World Parliament is a democratic, non-military, federal world government based on establishing peace and solving environmental problems” explained Dr. Glen Martin President of the organization from USA to a full house in a seminar organized by International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry in association with World Peace Development And Research Foundation at Marwah Studio, Noida Film City during his visit to India.

“Dr. Glen Martin is a global visionary who combines brilliance, heart and integrity. He’s a renowned activist for world democracy who clearly outlines the practical infrastructures needed to create a just and sustainable world. It is my hope that people everywhere will listen to Glen’s messages so that together we can go beyond the current global crises to a new level of human evolution.” read Dr Manoj Srivastava researcher and scholar.

European Union, Asian Union are just the beginning for the final outcome of World Parliament. The whole world is one family and what you need is a common parliament,” said Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studio who has recently been nominated as Global Cultural Minister and World Peace Ambassador.

Later Sandeep Marwah honored Dr. Martin with life membership of World Peace Development And Research Foundation and invited him again.

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