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World Religious Parliament With 4th Global Film Festival

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“The Global Film Festival has grown in all these years and the reach has gone almost to 84 countries of the World, but we have never ignored the core purpose of the festival and that is UNITY THROUGH CINEMA” said Sandeep Marwah an international media personality and President of GFFN.
The Global Film Festival always keep a slot to unite and plan a meet within all religions of the World. This time also World Religious Parliament has been associated with the events to speak to the World through Cinema.
“All religion heads will meet during Global Film Festival Noida 2011 to use this international platform to speak to the World about peace, unity and Love” said Acharya Satyander the General Secretary of the organization.
A talk has been planned and many Religion Heads have been invited to speak on love ,peace and World Unity.(www.gffn.org)

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