World Youth Skills Day Celebrated at Marwah Studio

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“The UN estimates that the number of unemployed youth globally reached 74.5 million, the majority of whom live in developing countries. One in five youths, or 125 million, are working but live in extreme poverty. The issue of youth unemployment is a major concern for both industrialized and developing countries.

“Skills development is a primary means of enabling young people to make a smooth transition to work. In December 2014, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution declaring 15th July as World Youth Skills Day” informed Sandeep Marwah Ambassador of IHRO affiliated to United Nations.

“The goal is to achieve better socio-economic conditions for today’s youth as a means of addressing the challenges of unemployment and under employment” added Marwah in a meet organized by Skill Development Committee of International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry.

“Skills development reduces poverty and better equips young people to find decent jobs. It triggers a process of empowerment and self-esteem that benefits everyone.” Message read by Akshay Marwah sent by Ban Ki Moon Secretary General of United Nations.

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