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WPDRF Appoints Young Peace Ambassadors at Noida

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“World Peace Development And Research Foundation has been working on its objective to spread Peace in the World by all means possible. We have been joining hands with national and international organizations to brief them about how to attain peace in the World.” Said Sandeep Marwah President of WPDRF at a function organized at Marwah Studios to appoint young peace ambassadors from Rotract.
This time WPDRF joined hands with the junior wing of Rotary International called Rotracts who are more than 4000 in numbers.” We are here to be part of this international movement started by Sandeep Marwah” said Himanshu Gupta leader of the Rotracts.

B.K.Sushant National Media Coordinator of Bharahm Kumaris, Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh District Rotract Chairman and Veer Joseph of Rotract also spoke on the occasion and gave their views on peacemaking exercise.

More than 100 Rotracts were handover the certificate of Youth Ambassador of Peace by WPDRF-World Peace Development And Research Foundation.

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