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69th Festival of Short Digital Films At AAFT

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“Festival Of Short Digital Films at Asian Academy of Film and Television has emerged now the oldest film festival of short films in India” said Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios and Chairperson of International Film And Television Club. ”Its been 18 years we have been conducting this festival, this is probably the only film event in the World which happens every three months” Marwah added while introducing the formation of IFTC 18 years back to support film, TV and Media education.
The films made during the 69th batch of AAFT have been showcased in this festival. The most prominent films were MR.IRRESISTABLE directed by Frode Schlichting, FREEDOM directed by Ugo Ben, BORN TO DIE by Roshini Basu, PLAYGROUND by Mariam Abdalla, THE WAY IT WAS SEEN by Robin Chackho and MIND SET by Moti P Sutar
“It reminds me of my days at FTII, but the kind of facilities AAFT is proving you, the students can grow to any heights” said Sanjeev Sood renowned cinematographer and Director. “I am impressed by the functioning of this institution which no less than any best film schools of the World” said Vivek Mittal an educationist, Chairperson of a Foundation.“I am ready to contribute to my best to Radio Noida 107.4FM, a full fledged station in this campus” expressed Poonam Surin a senior Radio Producer Director from AIR.
“You are lucky that everything has been planned on platter, take best use of this time” motivated Amit Jani a youth leader. “Film making to film festivals don’t happen in any film school, I miss this school, I want to support every activity of this institute which is like a University in its self” emotionally explained Rohit Sardana of Zee News.
The show was supported by International Film And Television Research Centre, International Public Broadcasting Forum, International Children’s Film Forum and Pt.Jawaharlal Nehru Forum. The show attended by huge gathering of film, TV and media professionals and students. Prof R.K. Singh also spoke on the occasion.

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