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AAFT Alumni Rajat Arora Story writer of film- Once upon a time in Mumbaai

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Rajat Aroraa’s screenplay is powerful and engaging. The writer marries heavy-duty drama and subtle and delicate emotions beautifully. I would like to make a special note of the dialogue, also penned by Rajat Aroraa, which are simply fantastic. In fact, the dialogue writing is such it elevates even an ordinary sequence to great levels. One rarely comes across such potent dialogue in today’s times.

Komal Nahta’s Review

Rajat Arora has penned an interesting story and padded it up with a highly engrossing screenplay that doesn’t let the viewer lose grip for even a moment. Arora’s dialogues, of course, are absolutely fantastic, many of them clapworthy.

Times of India Movie Review by Nikhat Kazmi

….and here-in lies the dramatic core of Rajat Arora’s dynamic script which catapults the two lead characters as a study in contrast.
Rajat Arora reinvents drama in contemporaray cinema….a complete entertainer which boasts of almost everything: a compelling story, crisp and absolutely state-of-the-art dialogues (Rajat Arora)…

Glamsham.com by Pankaj Sabnani

The pre-eminent part about ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI is undoubtedly its dialogues (Rajat Arora) which reminds one about the Salim-Javed jodi.
Unlike most films based on the underworld, ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI isn’t all grim and gory. Written deftly by Rajat Arora, it’s more about the characters than the hullabaloo about crime, which is appealing.

NDTV review

…The real hero of this film is the writing. Rajat Arora’s dialogues flow from the storytelling in a smooth flow of poetry and street wisdom.

Rajat Arora has penned a brilliant script which holds the audience’s attention from the word ‘go’. Unlike many underworld films seen in recent times, this one is not too violent or morose as it also tackles the love lives of the two dons….Rajat Arora’s clapworthy and weighty dialogues add to the effect of the drama.
Indiatimes.com by Gaurav Malani

Once Upon A Time there were writers like Salim-Javed in Bollywood.
Once again, we have found such a writer in Rajat Aroraa. Watch the film and you will understand. By the way, Rajat, where were you hiding all this while?

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