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AAFT Is Proud of Alumnus Arjun Kapoor In Aurangzeb

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  • AAFT Is Proud of Alumnus Arjun Kapoor In Aurangzeb

Finally one can get to see how the Ishaqzaade actor Arjun Kapoor of AAFT will look in his touted project Aurangzeb directed by Alumnus of AAFT Atul Sabharwal.
The film has come out with its first look and surprisingly it has got two different poster looks showcasing the actor looking all grim. In one, we get to see Arjun Kapoor in a double role, while in the other one; we have Arjun, Prithviraj, Jackie Shroff and Rishi Kapoor flaunting off the dark looks. It has been heard from sources that Aurangzeb is the remake of the 1978 film Trishul.
. Every character in the poster is carrying a dark and intense look which gives rise to a curiosity in all about the film. Arjun will romance newbie Shasha Agha in the film, who is the daughter of Pakistani actress-singer Salma Agha informed Sandeep Marwah Director of AAFT.
Presently the film is almost complete and is expected to release on 17th May l this year. Asian Academy of Film And Television has decided to have a special show of the film for the current students.

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