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AAFT Is Proud Of Alumnus Babar Javed of Pakistan

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AAFT Asian Academy Of Film And Television is proud of its alumnus Babar Javed of Pakistan who has created a huge name for himself and in return added another feather in the cap of AAFT.

“I am extremely swollen with pride to announce Academy Award for our student Babar Javed from Pakistan who has done extremely well and now the biggest name in television in Pakistan” said Sandeep Marwah Director of AAFT while talking about Babar’s works.

“I had attended more than one-film courses but the education and training imparting by AAFT is indeed the most effective and better than anyone of them” said Babar Javed.
Babar Javed started A&B Production with its first project ‘Diya Jaley’ which was a great success. There has been no looking back and he gave many more hits like, ‘Mera Saeein’, ‘Qaid e Tanhai’, ‘Mein Abdul Qadir hoon’. ‘Umm-e-Kulsoom’ ‘Jo Chaley Tou Jaan Se Guzar Gaye’ ‘Maaye Ni’ and ‘Pul Sirat’ were not only presented but also directed by Babar Javed.

Babar Javed of AAFT has tackled some hard hitting issues as well in some of his serials like ‘Roag’ which is based on child abuse and ‘Ek Hatheli pe henna, ek Hatheli pe lahoo’ which is based on Shia-Sunni conflicts. His versatility has proven to be his success. His aim is to continue entertaining the audiences by bringing fresh, innovative and thought provoking topics to the forefront. “I am indebted and thankful to my teachers and AAFT my alma matter” added Babar.

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