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The muhurat shot of the first of twenty three short films being produced by Asian Academy of Film & Television was taken on Wednesday in an impressive ceremony held at Marwah Studios. As is well known, films and television programmes entertain, inform and educate the masses and exert a profound social influence. Films and television production calls for a wide range of crafts. The professional in this field – the actor, cameraperson, editor and director has master the tools of his craft and this knowledge in best gained by practical work. The photographic and electronic recording methods are fast converging the digital technology is now deeply embedded in today’ s film and television production.

The digital distribution and exhibition of films is only a few years away. Prof. Sandeep Marwah informed the distinguished invitees to the function that AAFT encourages and stimulates the students to sharpen skills in their chosen filed of creative work by making short films. These short films will now be shot and edited in digital format with a view to providing the students with an opportunity to do their work with the state of the art equipment and to prepare them of the cinema of the new millennium, he added. Addressing the large gathering former union minister of state for defence Prof. Sher Singh urged the film makers to try and remove the evil practices prevalent in the society, through their work. Other distinguished personalities present on this occassion included former chief secretary of UP Govt. Mr. Brijendra Sahai, serving diplomat Dr. Madhup Mohta, director of ITDC Dr. A.G. Agrawal, well know filmmaker and television producer Mr. A.S. Bedi, documentary film maker Mr. Arun Chadha, president of the cable television operators association Dr. A.K. Rastogi renowned dancers Ms. Nalini & Ms. Kamalini and astrologer Pt. Jai Prakash Lal Dhage Wale.

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