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Asian Academy of Film & Television played host to the well know film and television artiste Sudesh Berry who has so far acted in fifteen feature films including Border & Refugee.Welcoming the distinguished guest, Prof. Sandeep Marwah mentioned that Sudesh Berry’ s latest film ’ Maa Tujhe Salaam ’ is ready for release.Answering questions put to him by the students Sudesh Berry conceded that luck plays an important role in the work of an actor.He advised the students to be above all honest to themselves and to dedicate whole heartedly to their chosen field of creative work. Reacting to a remark that Hindi films are corrupting the young minds, he said that sex and violence on the screen have to be handed with sensitivity by the filmmaker and any attempt to exploit the baser instincts of the human beings for making the film saleable is indeed unethical.Mr. Rajoo Karia , the popular bollywood public relations officer who was also present on this occasion also deftly handled questions put to him by the students.

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