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Anil Kapoor Visits AAFT

This year’ s winner of national award for best acting, the Superstar Anil Kapoor took time off his busy shooting schedule at Delhi to come to Asian Academy of Film & Television.Fresh faced with youthful looks ,slim and trim Anil Kappor has so far acted in more than eighty feature films since 1979.Anil Kapoor is indeed a gifted, creative , sophisticated, large hearted, worldlywise and an extremely private person.A matured actor who has played flippant to serious and challenging roles with perfect ease, has taken great pains to stay out of gossip mags.Anil Kapoor watchers attribute his career longevity and unprecedented success in the industry to a mix of passion for acting , hardwork, intelligence, instinct for survival and above all total commitment to the films.The national recognition of this down to earth superstar does not seem to have turned his head.Anil Kappor is deeply concerned about the pathetic condition of the rural masses and he is of the view that the power of films can be effectively used to build a happy, healthy and sane society.He also strongly believes that properly trained professionals are required for making responsive and responsible cinema.It is for these reasons that Anil Kapoor had agreed to be on the Board of Directors.Reviewing the training opportunities currently offered by this academy, he told Prof. Sandeep Marwah about the strong presence of and the good work being done by the AAFT alumni in the industry at Mumbai.Formally releasing the new prospectus of AAFT, he hoped that the day is not far away when the national award for outstanding contribution to media education will be bestowed upon Asian Academy of Film & Television.

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