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39th batch of trainees commenced from 3rd April 2003. Registrations over‚ the batch was immediately addressed by all the faculty members of the Academy. A lively entertainment program followed next by the afternoon. The show was organized by the renowned management professional; T S Bedi‚ who is shaping out to be a popular singer of Northern India. The singer and his team of accompanists on a three piece orchestra including a key board‚
Sandeep Marwah & Ts Bedi
Renowned management professional; T S Bedi & Mr. Sandeep marwah
an octopad and a tabla enjoyed their performance as much as all the foot tapping members of the audience‚ clapping to each singular performance of bhajan‚ old melodies from the Hindi movies and some classics from the old Punjabi folklore. The function was well attended by most of the prominent citizens of Noida. Chief guest of the function was the Chairman of the All India Anti Terrorist Front‚ Sardar M S Bitta‚ who later presented the Academy awards to the renowned architect of India‚ Arun Varmani and to the senior journalist from the Hindi national daily‚ Dainik Jagran‚ Mohammed Azad. Addressing the audience chief guest M S Bitta emphasised on the role of that the Media had to play especially in a large country like India‚ where a majority of its illiterate populace tended to believe whatever media would project to them. Varmani who had been instrumental in designing the first phase of the Marwah Studio turned nostalgic of his memories from the second half of the eighties recalling the efforts put in by Prof. Sandeep Marwah in designing the whole film city during that period. Mohammed Azad is a very popular and a veteran journalist from the Hindi media in Noida. Speaking on the occasion‚ Azad gave all the credit to Prof. Sandeep Marwah for bringing Noida to the international map of cine world.

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