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British Students of UK Hindi Samiti Visited Marwah Studios

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UK Hindi Samiti was formed in UK to promote the language of Hindi and Indian culture in England twenty years back which has been now headed by Dr. Padmesh Gupta. Many non Indians are the members of this organization who all also believe in Indian culture.
Hindi Samiti started off with 150 participants in London and now has over 1200 students taking part each year from through out UK. Hindi Samiti has not only raised its awareness in UK but in other European countries as well.
Recently like every year a group of British students was in India to have first hand knowledge of the India and its culture at New Delhi when they visited Marwah Studios at Noida Film City. “ We are excited to receive the Hindi speaking British students at our campus, its so pleasing to know how our culture is so well accepted by foreigners” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah studios and Director of Asian Academy of Film And Television.
The team took the round of the film city and relate to the Indian style of film making. The team had Karin Vazirani, Tom Dobinson, Surekha Chopla, Parwati Mistry, Deugki Umasankar and Augeliki Dimopoulou. The team was recommended by Anil Joshi who is also the founder member of the organization.

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