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Corporatisation of Films: Boon or Bane At 4th GFFN

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Should film makers accept this current situation? Will it not hamper the freedom of an artist? Can a middle path be found? These were some of the questions raised and discussed by an esteemed panel in the first seminar of a three-part series in the 4th Global Film Festival Noida 2011 held at Marwah Studios.
Setting the tone of the agenda Festival President Sandeep Marwah said that any creativity combined with accountability produces better results. Vateren film director Singitham S.Rao who chaired the session revealed that there was not much of a problem in South India on this score.
While Popular film maker Pankaj Parashar shared his experiences and found a new reality emerging in the Bollywood which was taking care of all disputes and conflicts. Filmmaker K.Hariharan was of the opinion that financing has to be monitored and the filmmakers have to discipline themselves.
NDTV associate vice-president Sumit Singhal said financing and accountability need to be balanced. It was the basic principle of economics and business. But the noted singer-actors Arun Bakshi was dead against any kind of encroachment by the corporates and found it totally unacceptable. Governance Now Editor was optimistic that there is always a teething trouble when the old regimen goes and a new one comes. But it will soon be resolved.

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