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Cricket Fever At Marwah Studios On Winning World Cup

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The energized students of Asian Academy of Film And television, Asian school of Media Studies and Asian Business who all have been glued to the huge big screen at the campus to watch the most fascinating and powerful match between India and Pakistan first and then India and Srilanka for finals, could not resist framing a very authentic Cricket Club at Marwah Studios.
“We are the winners”, “we have to keep the legacy on”, “we need more cricket”, India Zindabad”, “World Cup belongs to us” some of the slogans were repeated on the victory of Indian Tean at Mumbai at finals of World Cup after 28 years of last success. The campus of Marwah Studios was no less than a cricket ground and the winning of India was celebrated like Christmas and Deepawali.
“On seeing the deep interest of the students in the game of Cricket I am pleased to start a CRICKET CLUB in full swing and will request one of these cricket heroes to come and inaugurate it some time” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios to the large crowd waiting to hear these words. The excitement was raised to double with this announcement.

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