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Documentary Films At 4th Global Film festival Noida

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No international festival is complete without its documentary section. And Global Film Festival Noida that dedicated one edition to documentaries in 2009 couldn’t have done without it. Hence an exclusive segment consisting of 14 films ranging from famous personalities like Indira Gandhi to the tourist attraction Khajuraho has been earmarked for the GFFN 2011 Noida starting from Nov 25..
“Documentaries are an integral part of the cinema culture. Its forms a staple diet for the film students” said Sandeep Marwah President of GFFN and Director of Asian Academy Of Film And television. “These films will expose them to the 100 year old art form of mass communication” Marwah added.
Film Division Of India, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India has been the pioneer in building archives for documentaries. FDI has been kind enough to provide the best collection of documentaries for 4th GFFN.
The films chosen are Indira Priydarshini by Yash Chaoudhary, CRPF by Mahmood Qureshi, Exploration Atartica by Deepak haldankar, Man in Search for Man by Prem vaidya, Chitrakaar ki Nazar se by Hussain, Ananta by Girish vaidya, Radha and Krishna by J.S.Bhownagary, Hill Agriculture New Vista by Akhilesh Goorha, Through a Lens Starkly and Toote Pankh by Kuldeep Sinha, Story of Delhi by Serbjeet Singh, High Adventure on White Water by C.L.Kaul, Khajuraho by Mohan Wadhwaney and Encounter with Faces by Vinod Chopra.

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