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Dr. Daman Prakash On The Board of WPDRF

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Dr Daman Prakash, Consultant of IFFCO Foundation and former Director of ICA Regional Office for Asia-Pacific now on the advisory board of World Peace Development and Research Foundation of Asian Society of Film And Television, India, informed Sandeep Marwah President of the foundation.

“It is now increasingly recognized that the co-operative system in India has the capacity and potentiality to neutralize the adverse effects emerging from the process of globalization. After economic liberalization under the new economic environment, co-operatives at all levels are making efforts to reorient their functions according to the market demands” said Dr. Daman Parkash while accepting the membership of International Film And Television Club.

“The failure of the public sector in several cases is a worrisome trend. Privatization has also failed to make an impact in the rural areas. Therefore there is great hope on the co-operative sector’ added Dr.Daman Prakash.

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