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Food Is The Indication Of Culture- Kapil Sibal

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You can win the person by offering good food. Food represents the culture of the society “said Kabil Sibal Union Minister for Human Development Resources & Communication and Information Technology, Government of India on the release of two books by Chef Devender Kumar at New Delhi.
Two books namenly ‘Four Seasons Salads’ and ‘Soups’ written by Chef Deveder Kumar published by Shubhi Publications making Devender as writer of four books by now. “It has always been my passion to experiment with the variety of salads and preparation of soups, I have given simple recipes to my reader so that they can also do the same” said Devender in his introductory speech.
‘I have traveled all over the World and I always keep in mind to taste the local food. It gives you a feel of the real culture of that place. The cooking of the food for sure changes the real taste of food’ added Kapil Sibal who himself is a wonderful cook.
Present on the occasion Dr S.Y.Quraishi the Chief Election Commissioner of India appreciated the way these two books have been presented and covering huge variety for self preparation.
“I am sure these books will be the most fruitful to film, television and media persons as we need to look fit and smart in this industry and all diet programs actually start with Soups and Salads” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios.

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