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International Children’s Film Forum (ICFF) is the first ever Forum of its kind in the private sector of India. ICFF has been established by Sandeep Marwah, President of Marwah Studios and Founder of Noida Film City to support the govt. funded Children’s Film Society of India’s noble task of producing, distributing and exhibiting film for children. This Forum believes that moving picture could play significant role in shaping the mind, body and character of younger children and that films for children should:
· Be informational, educational as well as entertaining.
· Foster and promote commonly acceptable moral, social and ideal characteristics of the life of the community of which the children are being served.
· Supplement the primary responsibility of the parents to guide their children in the kind of life they lead, the character they build, the kind of reading, music and dance, games and sports, hobbies, film and television programmes to which they are exposed, etc.
International Children’s Film Forum would try and do
· Create awareness of the need for film specially made for the younger children.
· Lend all possible support to the makers of films for children, in their work.
· Organize debates, seminars, symposia workshops on films for children.
· Organize festival of films for children.
· Conduct short term and long term training programmes on making of films for children.
· Promote research on films for children.
· Facilitate exchange of films for children and their makers across the globe.
· Create a network of children’s film societies involving schools and non governmental organizations.

The organisation will get their support from Asian Academy Of Film and Television, Asian School Of Media Studies, International Film And Television Club and International Film And Television Research Centre.

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