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International Film And Television Club Celebrates 18th year

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The International Film And Television Club of Marwah Studios was established by Sandeep Marwah in the year 1993 immediately after starting the first private film school, Asian Academy of Film And Television, of this country to support the film and television education at Noida Film City.

“The idea was to plan and design film and TV education and training in such a manner so that the students of this institute can relate themselves with the industry without much efforts” said Sandeep Marwah, President of Marwah Studios and renowned international media personality who has achieved wonderful status in World media activities.

“We have completed 18 years in existence and conducted more than 500 events including Workshops, seminars, symposiums, interactions, industry interface, exhibitions, film festivals, talks, book releases, visits, joint ventures, discussions, car rallies, theater shows, film shows, star nights, premier shows, film conferences, melas and anything and everything related to Cinema and Television.” added Sandeep Marwah who has believed that media education is incomplete without media events.

The IFTC has now been associated with who’s who of the film and television World. People from the field of print, radio and new media are also part and parcel of this organization. IFTC is now one of the most important body of Asian Education Group.

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