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ISFI National Level Awards Conferred On Art Promoters

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“A ceremony which brings the Humanity without the basis of religion is a need of the day. A Festival which unites us without any barriers is nothing but spreading the message of peace and love” said The Dargah Dewan also the Sajjada Nasheen and the Religious Head of Ajmer shrine, Syed Zainual Abedin Ali Khan at the ISFI Awards and the Closing Ceremony of the 8 day International Sufi festival in the holy city of Ajmer.
The Second Edition of International Sufi Festival brought in film festival and ISFI Awards. The Award is to honor the Sufi Community of Artiste and Singers. Apart from the ISFI Platinum award conferred to Padmabhushan Ustaad Ghulam Mustafa Khan saheb for his long lasting contribution. The ISFI Prestigious Gold Award for the Best Sufi Singers was awarded to the Qadar Niazi and Hyder Hassan Nizami.
A ISFI Gold award was also conferred on Sandeep Marwah, a renowned international media personality, was also honored for his contribution towards promotion of arts and culture in India.
The award function was followed by whirling performance by Manisha Gulyani from the Jaipur gharana.. Additional Collector Mohammad Hanif, Brigadier PK Singh, congress president Mahendar Singh Ralawta, Dr Sudeep Rai and Gulsha Begum also spoke on the occasion.

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