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In a joint meeting of three International organizations Global Yog Alliance, World Religious Parliament and Asian Academy of Film and Television represented by their heads Gopalji, Acharya Satinder and Sandeep Marwah respectively, many new things have been finalized for the forth coming Global Yog Conference in the month of November this year.
The international tours of the organizational heads have convinced more than 70 countries to participate in this world Congress on Yoga. The three days event will take place at Gurgaon from 25th to 28th November. A large number of National and International organizations have already preparing for this powerful gathering. Many National Yoga setups, bodies, centers, associations have become part of the organizing committee.
“I am happy AAFT and Marwah Studios, our media family of 9000 people is now part of this international federation and working for the cause of Yog and spirituality” said Sandeep Marwah, President of Marwah Studios. “Many religious leaders have given their consent to be there on D day” said Acharya Satinder. “A centralized office in Delhi has been established to coordinate the work of this mega event” said Gopal ji.

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