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National Workshop on Sustainable Development & Eco Philosophy

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“God has given us resources to use not to misuse” said Swami Pranavasuddhan Tapaswi, incharge Santhigiri Ashram, New Delhi while introducing the subject of Ecology to the large gathering at Teen Murti on the second day of National seminar on ‘Sustainable Development and Eco Philosophy’ organized by the Santhigiri Rearch Foundation.

‘The main cause of changing ecology is the rising population and changing technology” said Sandeep Marwah president of Marwah Studios and Dy General, Convenor Coordination Committee. “The ecology difference effects Water, soil, atmosphere and living things. All this can be handled individually, organizational way and by government” Marwah condensed.

Dr Rohan D’Souza, Professor project incharge, Centre for Science Policy JNU explained and talked about his detailed research on the subject giving some interesting statistics. Others who spoke on the subject were Dr C.V.Babu Dept. of philosophy, Zakir Hussain College. Dr C.R.Babu, Emiritus Professor Project incharge, Biodiversity parks, New Delhi chaired the program and conducted it as well. “Lets try to change the mind set of people and induce them to work on this side to have balanced natural resources which means non polluted air, clean water, stable land & mountains and long life for human beings and animals” he added.

DrK.Gopinathan Pillai Dy General Convenor, Advisoty Committee, A.V.Nair General Convenor, Coordination Committee were also present there .The program is supported by Radio Noida 107.4FM.

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