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New York Doctor In Noida Film City

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Dr.A.K. Pillai & Mr. Sandeep Marwah President Of AAFT
The Indian Films are always been a source of inspiration and attraction for people who are emotional enough to protect their views on family issues and family unity. One such Doctor by profession from NewYork and Indian at heart Dr.A.K. Pillai visited Noida Film City recently to fulfill his desire to be the part of Indian Film Industry. The fact is that he was too lucky to be in films in his first visit when managing director of Marwah Studios offered him a role in his forthcoming short film. “It is too early to digest the offer to be in films, I have been thinking to be part of this Industry from 30 years, I need at least three months to come back and act in films” said Doctor Pillai who was there at AAFT with his wife and son to visit Sandeep Marwah. “We deal with soul of the artist, I always have provision to entertain people like Dr. Pillai who always encourage people around to promote Indian Film Industry.” Said Sandeep Marwah explaining him the complete education system of AAFT, ASMS,ABS and AAFT School Of Graphics and Animation. Dr. Pillai extended his gesture by issuing a scholarship in the Academy. Later Sandeep Marwah offered him with the membership of International Film and Television Club.

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