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Painting Exhibition By Neema Lal At Marwah Studios

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L to R : Jaganath, Vikas Garg, Neema Lal & Sandeep Marwah
An exhibition of colorful paintings by Neema lal was jointly inaugurated by Jaganath, the former Secretary of Home Affairs, Government of Uttar Pradesh and Vikas Garg renowned business man and the film producer at Marwah Studios, Film City, Noida.

“Paintings are like poetry which you have to write with colors and it expresses all your emotions on canvas,” said Jaganath while releasing the brochure. Neema Lal has worked with Artists from Denmark for a period of five years before joining Treveni Kala Sangam. “I extend my heartiest congratulation to Neema for opting Marwah Studios for her solo show within Media students, she is very expressive in her work” said Vikas Garg.

“My journey from cotemporary to abstract helped me to make layers in paintings which help to have perspective effects, but this is not sufficient I would like to increase the number of layers to give more 3D effects.” Said Neema Lal while explaining her paintings to the students of Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT) “I want to incorporate in my paintings new trends and recent techniques of other countries along which my own technique to give a much broader and wider look to my creations. The world should know that new chapter has been added in the field of art.” added Neema Lal.

“I am thankful to Neema Lal for accepting my invitation to be part of International Film and Television Club” said Sandeep Marwah while handingover life membership of IFTC to Neema. “We at AAFT want to promote all sort of Arts be it is films, Paintings, Dance, Drama, Writing or any other” added Marwah.

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