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Queen’s Baton Relay Team Highlighted At ASMS

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The whole Campus of Asian School of Media Studies was bubbling with high energy when Multi Media Team members of Queen’s Baton Relay entered into the campus. The Students started shouting slogans and Hip! Hip! Hurray! to the former students of ASMS who are representing Marwah Studios, a creative enterprise the only official coverage team of the Relay appointed by the Common Wealth Games 2010.
“Poonam Singh, Neeraj Sauda and Abhinav lal from ASMS are the three media stars who have brought the name of the school to World fame” said Sandeep Marwah, President of Marwah Studios.. “The eight hours film short and edit to small clippings by these film makers is distributed to the whole world media to be seen on different channels everyday’ Marwah added.
“I am thoroughly impressed by the honesty and hard work of these guys” said Adam Best from Australia, consultants from Maxxam Events International, who is the in charge for events of Common Wealth Games Delhi. “Their professionalism shows the level of education at Asian School of Media Studies” said Matt Day the event coordinator of Queen’s Baton Relay.
Others who spoke on the occasion to highlight the works of ASMS students were Surbie, Parul, the coordinator QBR, Prof Harshvardhan the course Director and Prof. R.K.Singh Dean Asian School Of Media Studies who also paid vote of thanks. .Sandeep Marwah presented the life membership of International Film and Television Club to the guests representing Common Wealth Games 2010. The event was supported by Radio Noida and International Public Broadcasting Forum.

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