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Screening of Films Is A Uninterrupted Process-Sandeep Marwah

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“Its been more than 20 years I have never stopped the screening of films in the campus of Marwah Studios. We have the collection of some of the best films of the world” said Sandeep Marwah the President of Marwah Studios and Chairperson of International Children’s Film Forum.
The screening is not only open to the students of AAFT, ASMS or ASC but to different segments of society. International Children’s Film Forum has its regular shows in the campus as well as at different locations such as slums, villages, community halls, clubs and social centers
A group of 136 students from Sanskar Kendriya School recently visited Marwah Studios for the screening of Children’s Films and some of the films from Children’s Film Society of India were screened for them. The gesture was very well appreciated by the social group of Noida.

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