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We All Are One Family under One God-Sandeep Marwah

“It is essential to realize that we are one family belong to the same earth and sons and daughters of same God. We must develop more tolerance, extend more love and need to help the weaker to our best of capacity” Sandeep Marwah motivated people on the occasion of Global Family Day celebrated at Marwah Studios on 1st January 2014.
“We started our journey with small town like Noida then to Delhi shifted our focus to India but now we are talking to the whole World about Peace and Love, then only we are called a Global Family” added Marwah the Chairperson of World Peace Development And Research Foundation who has established 92 offices all over the World.
When you have right thinking and pleasing feeling you are bound to do a good job. Let us put our efforts to convert this earth into heaven through our good karmas, Marwah persuaded everyone present there.

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