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A program cum workshop of music and dance was organized for the deprived children of the city at AAFT recently under the guidance of its Director Prof. Sandeep Marwah. The objective was to bring the children of the lesser privileged into the mainstream of society. Addressing the mammoth gathering assembled on the occasion‚ Minister for Irrigation‚ Government of UP Nawab Singh Nagar said that the commendable and exemplary work being done by the AAFT for the deprived children was indeed praiseworthy.

Government of UP Nawab Singh Nagar & Prof & Director Sandeep Marwah
He also added that despite having been surrounded all the time in the world of glamour offered by the Electronic media‚ remaining actively involved in the well being of the downtrodden on the part of Prof. Sandeep Marwah was a unique example by itself. Describing Prof. Sandeep Marwah as the pride of the Noida city‚ Nagar announced that he would shortly be requesting the Honourable President of India to confer an award upon him soon. Former chief secretary to the Government of UP‚ Brijendra Sahai described Prof. Marwah’s effort as a historic step in this direction. Organizer of the workshop Joti Shrivastava said that art was not a private property of a section of the society and if the children belonging to the under privileged classes could be encouraged properly‚ starting results could be experienced. Speaking further she added that the state administration was extending all its help in deputing the children trained though this workshop at various National festivals and programs of similar prominence. The large contingent of the children present on the occasion presented a fascinating program of music towards the end that won instant applause from the large audience.

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