About us

IMG_9233 Global Literary Festival Noida is headed by the famous media icon, Mr. Sandeep Marwah, who has been closely associated with the Indian film and television industry for years. Among his worthwhile contributions to the media and entertainment sector, is this literary festival organized by Asian Academy of Arts in association with International Chamber of Media & Entertainment Industry (ICMEI).

To promote academic engagement with the literature — regional, national and international — the Asian Academy of Film & Television plays a crucial role in executing this annual festival. It is committed to all media elements, from cinema, journalism, music to literature, which is essential in strengthening the young talent. The Institute has been an integral part of all the in-house festivals, such as 'Global Film Festival', 'Global Festival of Journalism', 'International Festival of Cellphone Cinema', 'International Sufi Festival' and 'Global Literary Festival'.

GLFN brings together brilliant and unique minds from various genres of the creative world — thinkers, readers, writers, poets, and artists. With an objective to provide enriching insights to the receptive youth of today, this festival brings forward the credible, creative work of both the present genre's artists and the honorable literary artists of the forgotten era. It plays a remarkable role in identifying hidden talent, open avenues and opportunities for writers, and increases their access through translations and other means to a larger audience

The festival comprises of initiatives, projects and activities that are not limited or confined to the 3-day festival. Through seminars, workshops, book launches, literary interactions, writers' conclave and related activities centered literary exchange between the writers and readers, GLFN is aimed at providing guidance to the young minds in coping with the changing social, economic, and cultural landscape of our society.