WAI Guidelines

Writers Association of India

1.   Writers association of India has been created to help and support established writers as well as new comers.

2.   Writers association of India welcomes writers from all walks of life from literary books, fiction and non-fiction, bloggers, travel writers and fashion writers to promote literature in India.

3.   Writers can submit their short stories which will be approved by our board members for making them into short films to promote the writers.

4.   The association will produce documentaries on the lives of some prominent writers of India.

5.   Writers Association of India will create a publishing house to support the publication of books, now and then.

6.   The association will also be willing to buy their books at a subsidised rate.

7.   Writers Association of India will celebrate anniversaries of National and International renowned writers.

8.   National awards have already been constituted under the name of Dr Sarojini Naidu, a renowned poet and freedom fighter of India and late prime Minister of India Shri Atal Bihari Bajpaiyi, a great poet, scholar and politician.

9.    Henceforth these national awards will be given under the wing of The Writers Association to highlight the works of prominent and young writers.

10. The association will create a platform by organising Kavisammelans / Kavya Goshthi’s /discussions on various literary issues and other such gatherings where they can meet every three months.