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President’s Message .

Dr Sandeep Marwah

President of ICMEI

The most powerful resource in a learning environment is something collective — the diverse imaginations, observations, opinions, hopes and dreams of students. With years of experience in the media and entertainment industry, I believe that by empowering students, you can engage them further in learning. Learning experience in creative art fields like films and television, fashion and mass media must be enhanced for students to make a difference in the society with what they have learned.

Engaging students with Literature is yet another approach to induce rational thinking and sensitivity in them. Global Literary Festival touches upon what is at the heart and soul of literature: reading and understanding literary works. It runs a programme of informative and entertaining events aimed at educating a wide variety of audience through talks, discussions and workshops by award-winning and local authors and poets. This festival not only promotes the cultural exchange among the participants, but also trains the youth to evaluate the artistic quality of what they read and how they interpret the work of literary merit.

The Seventh editions of Global Literary Festival Noida have been quiet a success. Having hosted 100 speakers and welcoming several book lovers from across the country, the growth of GLFN has been astonishing and heartwarming. I am positive that the 2022 edition of the Festival will bring together an impressive array of voices and cerebral conversations.

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